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Our corporate and personalised paperweights are found in gift shops all around the world as they make the perfect gift for your customers to take home; whether as a gift to give to someone special or for themselves to keep as a memento of their trip. The retail price starts from just 6.99 with each paperweight being presented in a lovely gift box. Not only is it light to carry but it fits nicely into the smallest of hand luggage so is easy to pack away and take home. We can personalise it further with a descriptive label on the reverse which can display your web site address and telephone number (minimum order is 15 paperweights). We can also make it very specific to the area your gift shop is located by you supplying us with a photograph of a local attraction or scene which we then have reproduced and encapsulated into a glass paperweight.

Many of our clients are Royal Palaces, Tourist Attractions and independent High Street retailers - in fact anywhere there is a gift shop you can find our products. If you would like to know more about retailing Daphne Pain Personalised Paperweights or would just like to receive our catalogue then please contact us either by telephone or click on to the Contact Us section of the web site and we will contact you by return.

Price and delivery on application